An emoji of a wolf.


About Me

hi i'm carrion. i use it/its and ze/hir pronouns, and i also use he/him & plural they/them pronouns.

i'm a queer transsexual intersex person. you can see more on my i don't use the split attraction model.

I started testosterone on the 20th Jan. 2021, and I was desexed [had a hysterectomy] on the 17th Jan. 2023.

i'm disabled. i'm autistic, with low - moderate support needs (i.e., i can live independently if i have some support). i have some mild struggles with words and communicating, and occassionally that comes across in my online communication.

i'm psychotic, i'm a literal dead werewolf (and have been described as "an undead dog type of thing", which i proudly accept). i love raw meat!!

i have C-PTSD and some other psychiatric silliness. i (probably) have ME / CFS. i'm training my dog to be my assistance dog.

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