TL;DR: marley (it/its), queer disabled dogger (dog blogger). dead on the outside. always tired & dissociating. will sit for treats!

hi i'm marley & i prefer it/its and ze/hir pronouns, but i also use he/him & (plural) they/them pronouns.

i'm a queer trans intersexy person. i'm bisexual, asexual, polyam & t4t. i'm intersex & intergender, and i'm both transmasculine and transfeminine.

i'm disabled. i'm autistic, schizotypal / borderline, a literal werewolf & have DID and CPTSD. i have an assistance dog in training.


  • am a radical inclusionist
  • am an anarchist, communist, and feminist, & i centre trans people, disabled people & the environment in my activism
  • think kink is good (and queer)
  • am anti censorship and anti callout / purity culture
  • am pro kink/fantasy, pro dead dove fiction, pro sexual age play... pro anything that reduces distress and risk of harm
  • argue that thoughtcrimes / crimethink is not a thing... think what you like!
  • am a land back activist & rewilding enthusiast
  • think that cops, white supremacists, terfs / swerfs, nazis, fascists, right-wingers, & billionares should be sent to the guillotine!

I started testosterone on the 20th Jan. 2021!

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