Trans Resources

A list of websites that are helpful for us transsexys!

Also check out my trans & intersex page in my syllabus

In general:

For nonbinary folks:

For transmasculine folks:

For transfeminine folks:

  • Transfem Science: DIY HRT for transfems
  • Transgender Surgeries reddit: lots of info & resources for trans-related surgeries (mostly for US transfems, as trans reddit is in general, though does have limited info on transmasc stuff)
  • Transgender Map: a guide for trans folk (mostly aimed at US transfems, though has pages for transmasc & nonbinary folks too, and some international resources)
  • M2F Guide: blog for transfems

For intersex[y] folks:

Trans surgeons in Australia

Disclaimer: I haven't read all of these links in their entirety and I'm not responsible for the contents of these sites ♡

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