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Electronic Journal of Folklore (1996-present)

T. A. Frank, '"Locked into a Projection Booth that Shows the Films of Your Troubled Youth": The Brilliance and the Sorrow of My Friend Stewart Lupton, Fire-Eater', Vanity Fair (2018)

CJ Hauser, 'The Crane Wife', The Paris Review (2019)

Philip Pullman, 'The Sound and the Story: Exploring the World of Paradise Lost', The Public Domain Review (2019)

Sam Kriss, 'What the Caves are Trying to Tell Us', The Outline (2017)

Nicholas Evans, 'Words of Life', Little Toller Books (2018)

Transcript of the Trial of Joan of Arc (1431, translated 1932), Fordham University's Internet History Sourcebooks (1999)

Stephen de Bourbon, 'De Supersticione: On St. Guinefort' (1200s, translated 1877), Fordham University's Internet History Sourcebooks (2000)

Yellowstone Wolf Project Reports (1995-2020)

Creating a Wildlife Garden & the Tasmanian Bushcare Toolkit (Tasmanian specific, but widely applicable)

CrimethInc's Surviving the Virus: An Anarchist Guide (2020)

Kris De Decker, 'How to Build a Low-Tech Internet', Low-Tech Magazine (2015)

@fogsrollingin's 'Make a Ficlet Booklet' tutorial

@ArmoredSuperHeavy's 'How to Make a Book From an AO3 Page' tutorial

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners

Psychiatric Service Dog Partners

Assistance Dogs International

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